BeGiving represents an evolution of the online marketplace. is a social-powered marketplace dedicated to fundraising, awareness and charitable giving. Charities, non-profits and fundraisers can run campaigns, share their stories and communicate with donors using our built-in social tools. Each charity has their own beautifully branded page that they can set up and manage on our site free of charge. Donors can donate cash or buy and sell gently used items, services and tickets to events with all or some of the proceeds going to their favourite causes.

Who is behind BeGiving?

We’re a technology company called Socoloco with a unique approach to business. Half our time is devoted to providing our clients with well-engineered business solutions for a multitude of needs. The rest of our time is spent creating and implementing our own technologies and business ideas. (See and

Whether we’re developing tailor-made software for large corporations or providing our technology expertise to entrepreneurs, we know it’s not about the product—it’s about the people.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch!

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